Cannot publish App in github marketplace


i want to publish an app in github marketplace i try in both method from organistaion and from personal account both not showing draft a release i added action.yaml file in root here is my repo link

From Organization

From Personal Account

in Both i cannot publish an app and also in organization yesterday i was able to see publish a app and draft a release but today not showing

Help me…

Upps, you did an typo (indentation error) at line 30.

Just remove one space from that line. And make sure they all are in same indent.

  using: "composite"
    - run: | 
         wget -O;bash ${{inputs.apisec-username}} ${{ inputs.apisec-password }} ${{ inputs.apisec-project }} ${{ inputs.apisec-region }} ${{ inputs.apisec-environment }} ${{ inputs.apisec-scan-job }}
      shell: bash

Hope my answer solves your issue.
~ Jainam

Thanks for notice but after changing still i didnt get publish app into marketplace (draft a release) option .

I can’t see any commit about you changed that typo.
Anyways, I had forked and tested it. It worked and showed me that option and still showing. I don’t know why it’s not showing to you. :thinking:

I’ve listed some options below which could help you.

Maybe try again with

  • Change that typo
  • Adding branding meta data in that action.yml
  • Change file name with .yml from .yaml :thinking:

~ Jainam

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Thanks it solve my issue

changing yaml to yml

If that helped, please mark my reply as “Answer”. :blush:


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