Annotation limitation

I am trying to create a linting tool which runs as a GitHub action, however I keep running into limitations on GitHub actions.

So it looks like only 10 annotations are shown, but when my linting tool on a codebase, there could be like 500 errors, so this is obviously not ideal.

It seems like with a GitHub App you are allowed to add infinite amount of annotations, which sounds perfect, however than I have to migrate to a GitHub App, which is annoying as I want to run it with GitHub actions.

I also tried creating a review instead, however reviews can only add comments to lines which are changed in the PR and you cannot add a review if the changes are not in a PR. Also the review API crashes/times out if you add around 20 comments in one request.

I am kinda in a loss, what other solutions have I forgotten to look into? Or did I oversee something?
I think the bast case would be if something like the check api could be made available for GitHub actions

@olivernybroe ,

Currently, GitHub Actions does not support so much annotations in a workflow run, the below is a summary of the limitation:

  • 10 warning annotations and 10 error annotations per step
  • 50 annotations per job (sum of annotations from all the steps)
  • 50 annotations per run (separate from the job annotations, these annotations aren’t created by users

There is a similar ticket as reference:

Yep and that limitation is why I cannot show the errors as annotations, as 10 annotations is a really low limit.

@olivernybroe ,

Yeah, currenly we have no any available way to bypass the limitation.

If your projects really need more annotations, I recommend you directly report a feature request here. That will allow you to directly interact with the appropriate engineering team, and make it more convenient for the engineering team to collect and categorize your suggestions.

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