Maximum number of annotations that can be created using GitHub Actions Logging commands.


I’m using GitHub Actions Logging commands in GitHub Action for SwiftLint to generate annotations instead of GitHub Checks API for supporting pull_request event from forked repository.
I did not notice until I received a report from the user, but it seems that only 10 annotation creations by GitHub Actions Logging commands are reflected in the GitHub Actions UI.

Is this a bug or the intended behavior?
If it is the intended behavior, I have the following request:

  • Increase the limit
  • Document the limit


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Much appreciate your feedback!

I can repro this with logging command, only 10 annotations display per one action step. If you want to display more annotations, put the command in another step.

In addition, there is a limitation that maximum number of annotations is 50 per API request in a check run, it’s mentioned here.

I will confirm about this behavior internally, will update once there’s response, thanks.

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Confirmed as below:

It is by designed that 10 annotation created by Github Actions logging command.

Summarize the limit of annotation as below:

  • 10 warning annotations and 10 error annotations per step
  • 50 annotations per job (sum of annotations from all the steps)
  • 50 annotations per run (separate from the job annotations, these annotations aren’t created by users)
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