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newbie question

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Can anybody help im learning how to use the internet im using a samsung mobile ,i keep seeing this site Gifhub im bit unsure how or wot it dos im not great with technoligy so reading & understanding things bout certain things bout the web thats were i get lost lol any help very welcum thanks
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Re: newbie question

Hi @mizzicrazi,


Welcome to the GitHub Community forum! We're glad that you're here.


GitHub, at its core, is a software code hosting and collaboration tool with a community of over 28 million people (as of June of 2018) using it to build software, share information, collaborate on projects, offer support, and much more. In addition, we (GitHub, the company) create and support development tools such as AtomElectron, and Desktop.


The GitHub Community Forum is a space for all GitHub users to come and discuss ideas and projects related to GitHub and programming in general. Please review our forums Code of Conduct and Terms of Service.


I'm going to lock this particular thread since we try to keep "welcome" posts attached to the Weekly Welcome. However, if you have anymore questions about how to use GitHub, I'd recommend opening a new topic in the How to use Git and GitHub board.


Greatly appreciated,



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