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Re: Looking for R and SAS programming community here

Hi, @ugoagwup! We don't currently have a board specializing in Big Data and related technologies, but I believe that some people have asked questions about those topics in the Project Development Help and Advice board. Are you looking to learn anything specific?

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Re: Weekly Welcome 7 September, 2018



I'm new to GitHub and the coding world in general.


I'd like to learn more about coding since I'm interested in becoming a developer, both front and backend enthuse me.


I don't know if this forum could get me started or not but I sure do hope it can. I'm also not certain as to where to begin to start my journey. I's really ap[preciate some advice and perhaps some light of direction.



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Re: Weekly Welcome 7 September, 2018

Welcome, @SMakgare! Glad to have you here at this stage in your journey! There are a lot of other beginners in this forum and several have even created their own programming study groups with people they found in the forum.


As for getting started, have you checked out the GitHub Learning Lab and the GitHub Guides? Both of those resources can help you get a jump start with using GitHub and creating your own programs. If you're interested in a particular language, you could probably get some good advice from other users on what would be good resources to learn that language.


Much luck!

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Re: Weekly Welcome 7 September, 2018

Hello to everyone,


I've been an member of the open-source community for nearly 20 years.  My first project was with SourceForge, but my most recent contributions have been through GitHub.  

I'm interested in GitHub currently as a way to publish a blog using Jekyll.  


This is my first time visiting the community page, and I hope I can find some inspiration for topics to write about in my blog.  I will try to help out the community where I can.

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Re: Weekly Welcome 7 September, 2018

Hi @vo1stv Thanks for being here!

If you're looking for tips and tricks on getting a blog starting with Jekyll on GitHub Pages, I'd highly recommend you check out our series, "Getting Started with GitHub Pages", here in the forum. Additionally, the GitHub Learning Lab has a great hands-on course on this topic, too!

Welcome to the GitHub Community Forum; we're glad you're here!

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Re: Weekly Welcome 7 September, 2018



Hi i'm eclipse i have recently just gotten into the crypto world and started looking around after my trading side of things didn't exactly work out LOL :-) i am not really an apt computer user and looking to get some extra skills that may lead me to doing a bit more with the stronghands community. aafter looking around for a long term investment stronghands seemed to be the one to catch my eye.


I am an aussie living in Brisbane but i am about to hit the road for a year with the family living as minimalisticaly as we can and just enjoying being back out in the tranquility of nature.


I have a sales and customer service background with alot of my time working in pharmacies. I was the special operations manager for 3 large new pharmacies in Sydney for a little while helping the managers of each store integrate and align under the new banner and business principles. troubleshooting any problems they may have along the way.


i have done many other different jobs in my life including driving big rigs with cranes attached delivering house frfames and trusses around brisbane for the past couplle of years.


anyway i'm sure you will all see me around. its a pleasure to be a part of the community. 

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Re: Weekly Welcome 7 September, 2018

Hi @eclipse2376, we're glad you're here 😀

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Re: Weekly Welcome 7 September, 2018

Just what I thought when I opened it. Interesting step for github