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Automatic Community Website Login

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Does the GitHub Community website automatically log you in? It has automatically logged me in today. How can, and why would the website automatically log me in? My browser is not storing a password, and I did not request for the website to remember me.

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Re: Automatic Community Website Login

Hi @George4580,


Your GitHub Community Forum account is linked to your account in that signing in here is done via SSO through your account. So, yes, your sign in is automatic and based on your log in. If you were logged into when you clicked "sign in" here in the forum, you would have been automatically signed into the forum. 

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Re: Automatic Community Website Login

Can you sign me ink really need to see my messages
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Re: Automatic Community Website Login

Hi @Tpeppers22,


To be able to post this message, you had to be signed in to the forum. Are you having trouble with something in particular?