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Using one account for all your projects

GitHub Staff

GitHub recommends using only one user account to manage both personal and professional repositories. Organizations make it easy to contribute to projects for work, open source, and yourself, all from the same account. There's no need to switch accounts in your browser or manage multiple credentials on the command line!


If you currently have separate accounts for work and personal use, learn how to merge the accounts. Then, continue reading to learn how to make the most of this arrangement.


Publicizing or hiding organization memberships


If you only use one account for all your projects, that account could be a member of multiple organizations. If you don't want your coworkers to know about your open source affiliations (or vice versa), they don't have to. Learn how to publicize or hide your organization membership.


Setting your author information per repository


You might want to use different author information for your personal and professional projects. For example, you could use your work email address for professional repositories and your personal email address for other repositories. Learn how to change this author information for each individual repository in "Setting your email address for a single repository."


Routing notifications


Notifications provide updates about the activities and conversations you're interested in. If you want notifications about work repositories to go to a different email address than notifications about your own repositories, you can choose the delivery method for each organization you belong to.


Leaving a job


If you use one account for all your GitHub activity, you'll probably want to continue using that account even after leaving a specific job. To keep your account secure and your contributions intact, follow the steps in "Best practices for leaving your company."


Private contributions you made while you were a member of an organization can remain in your contributions graph after you leave... but only if you've opened an issue or pull request in the repository. This is due to our contribution requirements. You might want to check this before leaving, if you can!


Need help?


Having trouble using one account for all your projects? Let the Support Team know. We'll be happy to help!