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ublox F9P on RTKLIB



I'm totally new in the world of DIY-GNSS-projects.

I've got two different modules, Navspark Mini and U-blox F9P which I would like to get working with RTKLIB on a RPI 3+.

As for the Mini I'm in a doubt if it will work with RTKLIB other than getting an input stream with data.

As for the F9P this should be possible.

The F9P is working fine with U-center (full functionallity as far as I can see) and I can get it working with RTKNavi on laptop in the way that it is detected, and spitting out data (the green indicators top-right indicate for GPS, Fix and data). But RTKNavi doesn't show -fix- or -solution- (coordinates).  Nor do I get up any graphical representation of satellites and signalstrength. But I can log to I file (NMEA).

To me it seems that RTKLIB on Windows and Rasbian are quite similar so I think that when I can get it working on Windows I can get it working on Rasbian by copying settings/parameters.


I'm totally fresh on this (first project since my youth which is many decades ago) but I suspect that it has something to do with the wrong output format (NMEA?) but I do not have the faintest idea where to look for a solution.

I have read a good amount of tutorials but haven't found the honey pot yet.


Somebody out here who can give me some clues about the set up?