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Why does GitHub promotes what does not work!?

For the REST api I normally authenticate through username and password (in python). Got a message from GitHub today that reads; "You recently used a password to access an endpoint through the GitHub API using python-requests/2.22.0. We will deprecate basic authentication using password to this endpoint soon: blah, blah, blah ..".

Generated token, spend about an hour on how to use it with python requests.sesion, it is either 404 or 403, in short it does not work (it does appear to be working with curl though). Back to username and password.


So my question is - why push down the users throats what appears to be not working just yet, or not ready, or whatever that is, why not provide good comprehensive documentation first, and only then send a message to the end user stating that he or she can use it. It is annoying and amusing to no end.


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Re: Why does GitHub promotes what does not work!?

Hey! This is a good question and I understand your frustration. To my understanding, the issue you are having relates to the Python Requests package rather than the GitHub API itself. As you mentioned in your post, the API works as expected when you use a CURL request. I suggest opening an issue on the requests repo such that they are aware of this issue and can hopefully address it for you. 


I have also used this in the past: which allows you to convert CURL requests to python code! Hopefully this helps.