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TSL2561 light sensor with raspberry pi zero

Hi Guys,


so... i am trying to use the TSL2561 light sensor with the PI zero to then control online and set peramiters for it to activate. i have been following a guide which i will link below but im suuuuper stuck... i can get the light sensor to read correctly but only when im in the sub dir '/lighting/tsl2561/python. trying to test offzone in step 4 'python' only works if i am in the /lighting/tsl2561/python sub dir. does this then mean that the file paths for step 5 need editing to reflect the need to be in this sub dir for a reading? i have edited these scripts to reflect and still cannot complete step 5 tests which are using webview. 


this is killing me and have been racking my brains for 2 days now haha. if anyone knows of a easier/better build to get a light sensor to activate a relay on the PI zero whilst having remote overide capabilities then im all ears... i need this project running this week as it is being put in service next week i believe! 

thanks again 


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Re: TSL2561 light sensor with raspberry pi zero

Can i help you?

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