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Sonoff Switching project



Firstly, apologies if I am posting in the wrong area! I'm new to this stuff but am keen to learn.


So I am beginning a project to set up a home automation system using a Rasberry Pi & Sonoff Basic Switches. I see there are plenty of videos on You tube regarding this, which is great. So I'm currently digesting all that at the moment. 

My question that I have is whether or not it is possible to program the Sonoff Basic so that it 'changes state' on any change to the input on the GPIO. To explain a little better, I hope to control a lighting circuit from both the mobile phone and the existing wall switches. The circuit is 2-way switching so in order to make this work, my thoughts were to have the switches wired to the GPIO. On any change in state to the GPIO (ie wall switches being switched) the Sonoff Relay will power on / off. 

If anyone can advise me whether this is at all possible to achieve and where I could find some reading material on this, it would be much appreciated.


Many Thanks