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QAAC not working... iTune installed

My home thatre computer is Windows 10 Pro. For encoding highest quality M4A music, I use QAAC64.exe (v.2.68) as an external encoder for JRiver's Media Center (v.26.0.35). I also have iTunes (v. installed.


The Github repository pretty much implies all I need to enable QAAC as an external encoder is to have iTunes installed.  This worked with a previous computer (Windows 7), but it's not working on this new computer.  If I put everything I need into a single folder, and use a CMD commandline encoding of an included WAV file I ger the error message "cannot find CoreAudioToolbox.dll"... when the DLL (as downloaded from Github) is in the same folder.  In fact, I've followed your instructions for creating a stand-alone folder and it still give the same error for the commandline 'qaac64.exe filename.wav'.


Suggestions more than welcome... TIA :)

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Re: QAAC not working... iTune installed

Hi @rarewolf-NL,


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