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Ground Controller Lvl 1
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Picaxe 18M2

Hello form England!  I am a teacher in the UK, recently switched from chemistry to electronics/engineering.  If any of you out there are locked in with this dread virus, perhaps you can help.   

I am looking for simple PICAXE projects based on the 18M2 chip, 5V, that I can use for teaching 16+ students.

Ideally programmes using the free PICAXE Editor, plus a photo of the bread board circuit and any notes/components list.  Nothing is too simple (turn led on an off, traffic lights, temperature sensor  based on thermistor, LDR circuits, buzzer, microphone, PIR, min motors (via relay) ie baby steps, think college not university).

...if you've time on your hands, your circuits will be put to good use, when we are allowed back into the classroom.

Best regards and be well!