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Offering Documentation/Writing Assistance

Hi everyone,


I've been working on my own pages here for awhile and haven't ever posted. I run my own technical writing/graphic design business, and I am looking for projects to help build my portfolio up a little.


I'm offering to help a few developers on GitHub (for no charge) put together their user documentation/manual, or whatever else you might need assistance with. In exchange, I would be able to use it on my website as part of my portfolio. Again, I'm not asking for any compensation.


I am decent (but not great) with programming; I do mostly HTML5/CSS and I know a little bit of C++, Python, and SQL. I have written SOPs for the military when I was enlisted, so I know how to make things simple and explicit.


Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but if you think you could use a little writing (or graphics) help, please let me know. Thanks for reading.




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Re: Offering Documentation/Writing Assistance

Hey @oneravenwrites, that's a wonderful offer. I suggest looking into more localized communities vs this general forum that way you will have the highest chance of finding folks to work with.