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Need feedback on new Database Tool!

Hey everyone! We’ve recently launched a new Database Tool and we really need Beta Testers! Any feedback on errors you run into or how you feel / what you think about the design will be really helpful.
Our product, QueryPie, is a cross-platform IDE for multiple databases.
Currently, it’s only available for macOS and Windows but the Linux release is right around the corner!
A few key features of QueryPie:
- Fast auto-complete that makes writing queries quick and easy
- Intuitive UI/UX that speeds up query search/execution
- Multiple Query run/execution and side-by-side results
- In-line Data Edit feature that, with just a few simple clicks, can edit query results as well as the data browser and table structures!
- SQL History
- Safe SSL Connection
- SSH tunneling
- Gorgeous design!
- And much more~
Current Databases available: MariaDB, MySQL
Your support is very appreciated!
Feel free to share with us any questions, suggestions, or bugs you encounter. Thank you, everyone!
Download the Beta here: