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Dragon Cave Abandoned Page

So I have been trying and trying to edit a script I have for Dragon Cave (an egg/dragon collecting game online) to get it to catch individual eggs, like a specific one with its own code, in an area of the site called the abandoned page. The farthest I can get with my limited coding ability is getting the page to refresh as if it is looking for said egg but it never grabs it.

I found an old script from way back that I had to edit in order to get it to work again, and this script helps to catch any egg you want from the biomes of the game. So I know it works there, its just that I can't edit it to work in the abandoned page where all of the abandoned eggs are. Normally I use this script to get rare dragon eggs from the biomes, though I limit myself to a few eggs at a time to give other people the chance at catching things normally. However if you could catch an individual egg from the abandoned page then you could get something that might have accidentally abandoned. Or something that you know will eventually show up on the AP (abandoned page).

So if anybody is a master coder and can help me out that would be awesome!


Link to the game I am talking about.

Link the the abandoned page that I ant to get specific eggs off of.


and a link to my working dragon cave script that catches eggs in the biomes.

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Re: Dragon Cave Abandoned Page

What you want to do is use Chrome's "inspect" capability to dig into the details of the two different web pages.


In your 'working' script, the following is looking for a section in the web page called "eggs":

var container = document.getElementsByClassName('eggs');


but if you look at the "abandoned" web page, you can see there is no "eggs" section. I believe you want to use "ap" instead - alas I'm not enough of an HTML / scripting expert to be certain ...

Please follow-up to let us know how you made out. For good karma, mark a reply as the answer if it helped!