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Dependencies issue with Ngb bootstrap in Angular

I m new to angular and I m trying to create a image slider carousel in angular using ng bootstrap's component but after I have created an angular project I have installed "ng bootstarp" (in project) using 

npm install --save @ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap

 and have imported it in app.module.ts using import {NgbModule} from '@ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap'; have also installed 

ng add @angular/localize

 in the project but i m not sure what is wrong it is showing me the error below:

ERROR in The target entry-point "@ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap" has missing dependencies:
 - tslib
 - @angular/core
 - @angular/common
 - @angular/forms
 - rxjs
 - rxjs/operators

I'm following, Could anyone please help me out with this.