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Bugs in my application

Hello, I created an application in Java Swing to convert csv files downloaded from a Google Module contained in Google Drive into BBCode tables to be published in phpBB3. The tables can be displayed with 3 columns, with all columns or without BBCode. I would like to know if there are any bugs.
Thank you

This is my repository :

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Re: Bugs in my application

Q. Are there bugs?

A. Most likely.


Q. Can someone find them for you?

A. If you can motifate people to do this... (and read Italian?)


Q. Is there a better way?

A. Write tests, containing various small csv samples. Both correct and incorrect edge-cases and make sure your code handles it the way you want. You'd probably want to test for special and unicode characters, empty fields, ... to name a few things.


Checkout unit-testing with a tool like

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Re: Bugs in my application

You might also want to check out

- Mark
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Re: Bugs in my application

With the code I wrote I wanted to publish on my phpBB forum the needs and resources of people who filled out a questionnaire. But I think it would be better to create a social network for which I opened a new discussion.
Thanks anyway.