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I am a sys admin. Programming has ALWAYS been my Achilles heel.  Honestly, It infuriates me I am so bad at it. I am simply trying to download OpenVas to do some Pen Testing on my company and I really do not know where to begin. The whole compiling and such just baffles me to no end. I am ready to take up this challenge and just need to know what my steps are to get Open Vas to download and compile on my Windows laptop.  Thank you very much in advance. 


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Re: compiling

You're not likely to get anywhere attempting to build / run directly on Windows. OpenVas is a Unix tool and is built using a Unix toolset.


The immediate options I see are:

1. Set up WSL on your laptop and install a Debian Linux distro...

a. ... and follow the Unix build instructions in the OpenVas repo. You'll then run your build inside the WSL.

b. ... and install a pre-built OpenVas to run inside the WSL.

2. Install a Unix toolset on Windows and try to build it. E.g. MSYS2 . The result is not something that you're likely to be able to run anyway, as Windows is not Unix.

3. Set up a dual-boot Debian partition on your laptop and try options 1a or 1b above.



Please follow-up to let us know how you made out. For good karma, mark a reply as the answer if it helped!

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Re: compiling

OK. I have a starting point. Thank you so much. I will get Debian downloaded and running. Can I check back in with you as I make progress?


Thanks so much,