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Website "copy" help

Hi, I have been looking for days (literally days) on how I could create a site very similar to I was able to copy all the JS HTML CSS and that kind of good stuff, I thought I got it going well until I saw that the origional site updated and my "localhost" 

what I am asking is can someone please help me with figuring out how to make my site update when the origional updates? I appreciate it!

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Re: Website "copy" help

Hey @arc9531, you may be able to set up a cron job with GitHub actions to run every x number of minutes. From there, the job will ping the website and scrape all relevant info. I do suggest being wary of taking other people's JS, HTML, and CSS as that is plagiarism or potentially worse. 

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Re: Website "copy" help

The original website is presumably updated by being rebuilt periodically on their server. So unless you replicate their backend (database, server code), you can't duplicate their site completely. The best you can do is as @logankilpatrick suggested and re-scrape periodically [they show daily activity, once a day "should" be sufficient?]

Please follow-up to let us know how you made out. For good karma, mark a reply as the answer if it helped!