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Visual Studio Issue

I am trying to learn C#. However, when I try to start a project in Visual Studio to input C# code into to test programs by running them, Console app (.NET Framework) doesnt even load, it just loads endlessly. Starting a Console App (.NET Core) project does actually open, but doesnt recognice a working C# program such as


for (int x = 0; x < 10; x+=3)



I got this program off a website so it should work. It just gives me errors involving the "<" and ";". What Project setting must I use to input C# code to test running programs?


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Re: Visual Studio Issue

github also did not let me post Brackets in the previous post, to state the program that I tried to run

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Re: Visual Studio Issue

I would have to look at your project source code to determine why you are having this problem. My feeling is that you have syntax errors that are stopping your project from building. You need the correct format of special characters like {} in order for the build to succeed.