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Recommended Tools

Any recommend multi value compression tools for Teradata? (Except from Atana Suite and Prise Tools. Their trial versions do not show output or enough test to get convinced that I should aquire this)

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Re: Recommended Tools

Well, for these kind of big purchases I'd contact the company to see if they maybe can set you up with a trial version?

- Mark
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Re: Recommended Tools

I heard about the teradate, it is used to compress disk space and it can compress up to 255 different values, including NULL, so this program is very efficient. I also doubt before purchasing a paid program, but with the Finteza service I have an exception. The fact is that I needed a program for traffic analytics on a website, since I work as a web developer and I needed to make a report on the number of visits. I did not know which program to use and my colleague told me about finteza, but warned that it was paid. There is no trial version and it was not very easy for me to buy it without familiarizing myself with the program, but all my friends and colleagues had an excellent opinion about this program and therefore I decided to purchase it and fortunately I was satisfied. The service really provided all the functions that were announced by the developer and the data on site visits were very accurate. So I advise you to find product reviews before buying.

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Re: Recommended Tools

I'm using Atana Suite and I'm very happy with it. Teradata offers Teradata Studio which is delivered with the Teradata system.
Otherwise dbvis is quite good. If you want all funcionalities you also have to pay, but I think it's cheaper than Atana. Autocompletion with Atana is unbeatable...