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Pi Camera Faulty Detection

Hello guys, I'm currently working on a project that implements Pi Camera and Raspberry Pi for object detection purpose. The setup will not include monitor, which means, after getting all the softwares, I/O, and other stuffs ready,I will remove the monitor. My raspberry pi will run for all day long, but if my camera is down, how do I detect it without using a monitor? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Pi Camera Faulty Detection

If the Raspberry Pi is still connected to your network (wired or wireless), then you'll remote-connect to the RPi. You can google "raspberry pi remote connect" or here are a couple of links.


Assuming it is all set up properly, a possible symptom of the RPi/camera being down is your remote connect fails.


If you can remote connect, you'd test the camera to see if it's working:

raspistill -v -o test.jpg

If your RPi isn't network connected, then physically examining the unit would be required. Unless you disabled the camera LED, it'll light up when the camera is doing something.


Please follow-up to let us know how you made out. For good karma, mark a reply as the answer if it helped!