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Perforce to Git Migration : Error | Pack exceeds maximun allowed Size



We are migrating our codebase from perforce to Git. We are having a single commit which is more than 2GB.
It is failing with error "Pack exceeds maximun allowed Size".

remote: fatal: pack exceeds maximum allowed size
fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedlyGiB | 2.75 MiB/s
fatal: sha1 file '<stdout>' write error: Broken pipe
fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly

We ran the command to check the size of the pack which around 2.62GiB.

>> count-objects -Hv
count: 1
packs: 1
size-pack: 2.62 GiB
prune-packable: 0
garbage: 0
size-garbage: 0 bytes

We did enable LFS before pushing to Git.

is there a way to increase the 2GB quota or any other solution to resolve this issue.