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Configure Tasmota for Sonoff SV

I'm new to Tasmota and home automation and my first project is to use a sonoff SV as a Garage Door opener and sensor. I was able to set the Sonoff SV in inching mode with the original firmware but can't with the Tasmota web interface. Before configuring it in OpenHAB I would like to be able to set it to inching mode from the Tasmota web interface of the device. Can someone tell me how to do this?

Once I have achieved this I would then like to configure it in OpenHAB. There is a Youtube video for this device for Home Assistant but nothing for OpenHAB. Again any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Configure Tasmota for Sonoff SV

"If you Console the PulseTime<x> command (ie. PulseTime1 10), then you can skip the automation that turns the relay back off after 1 second. Instead, the Turn OFF trigger will be executed automatically via the Tasmota firmware, and not through Home Assistant." or openHAB.


From a comment to this video


It works. Hit the toggle1 button in the Tasmota web interface for the Sonoff SV and it will turn on for a short time then turn back off without any intervention.