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how to change the category?

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how to change the category?UeU4siEGJ7Q.jpg

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Re: how to change the category?

You are seeing CSS as your main language because it is the most-used in that repository. Other than adding more source languages to your repository, I do not think there is any manual way to change that displayed language.


Hope this helps!


Gavin R. Isgar - Freelance Software Developer
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Re: how to change the category?

Hi @ura2rist,

Welcome to the Github Community Forum!

You cannot change the language of the repository, but you can change the attributes of the github repository. I mean that if you have a project where there are 60% css and 40% javascript you can said to github-linguist, that you want to ignore the css file.

To do that you need to:

1. create a .gitattributes file in the root of the project
2. edit that file and add a line to ignore the css language file

*.css linguist-detectable=false
*.js linguist-detectable=true

3. add, commit and push to remote and see the result

With this 3 steps you can ignore detection for a specific languages. You can also add more attributes, for example something like this:

*.css linguist-detectable=false
*.js linguist-detectable=true
*.java linguist-detectable=false


this attributes ignore the java files.

Hope this helps...


Ps: if you need some screenshots ask...




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