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fatal: repository not found



I cant update my repository.  The message I get is:

fatal: repository '' not found


when I enter git remote -v I get

origin (fetch)
origin (push)


I havent been using git that long.  I dont know what it means when one command cant find the repository another command reports.


I did log into git with a different accout then sqitch back.  I suspect that some part didnt switch over while another part did.  Just my best guess.  Before I spend hours trying to figure out this pecularity I thought best to see if someone with more knoweldge of git may know what this means.


I am using windows 10 and one repository is private and the other is public, if that matters.



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Re: fatal: repository not found

That repository is probably private. Try: 

git remote set-url origin
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Re: fatal: repository not found

Yes, it is private.


C:\Code86\RotairERP>git remote set-url origin

C:\Code86\RotairERP>git push origin master
remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository '' not found


And yes I do have rights to the repository:



Is there any documentation for the error messages?  Ive seen the book,

But that is only useful when everything is working.  I cant find any trouble shooting guides.  


Any assistance is appreciated.

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Re: fatal: repository not found

Has @aceofwings added you as a collaborator on that repository? Since it is private, if they haven't done that, you won't be able to access the repository. Beyond that, since it is a private repository you should probably contact private support at They will have the access to take a look at what might be going wrong.

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Re: fatal: repository not found

Thanks for your reply.


OK, I'll try that.  But with several days downtime, a couple of hours trying to fix the issue github appears to be too expensive as far as lost time goes to be worth using.  Unless your suggestion saves the day.



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Re: fatal: repository not found

This can be closed.  Since we cant use Github we have decided to use an alternate.


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Re: fatal: repository not found

I have a similar issue to Marvelous-Software.  I created/initialized a local repo ("testrepo") in Bash/Git, added a file and did an initial commit.  I tried running this command:


git remote add origin<my-github-username>testrepo.git


as well as one similar to what you suggested:


git remote set-url origin /<my-github-username>testrepo.git


In both cases, the command git remote --verbose returned results that the above url (minus the .git at the end) existed for fetch and pull.


However, when I go to my github account, the aforementioned repo doesn't exist.


Any suggestions?

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Re: fatal: repository not found

@skipstevenson when you create a repo locally, GitHub has no way of knowing you did that. So you have to tell GitHub to create a repo on GitHub for you. You can do this in a few different ways, the simplest one is to go to and follow the instructions. Once you've done that, then the remote connection you've defined already will work.


I hope that helps!

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Re: fatal: repository not found

Thank you, this worked! Trying to set up GitHub for the first time, and I kept getting the fatal : repository not found error, despite the repository being public in GitHub. 


Used the command you provided, followed by push, and success.

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Re: fatal: repository not found

go to this url. It worked for me.