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Utilize GH Wiki markdown editor on markdown files within a normal repository?

Is it possible to enable or use the markdown editor from the Wiki -> Edit Page (the editor that has a small toolbar with buttons for bold, links, lists, etc..) when editing a markdown file that is NOT used in the wiki but stored in the repository directly? Right now when editing a markdown file in the repository a basic code editor is used with just a couple drop down menus for controlling indent mode/size and wrapping. 


My use case here is that we use a 3rd party wiki/document platform (Docusaurus) but house the markdown files in a private repository. Because of this, we can't use something like GitHub Pages (public only) and the Wiki built in to GitHub is a bit too limited for our usage to take advantage of directly. Instead of requiring all users to check out the whole repository each time, there are "Edit" links on each page of our wiki that link back to the GitHub file editor. Ideally this would also include the formatting toolbar that the normal Markdown editor on a wiki page includes.


If this is not possible, any chance this can be added in the future?