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Upload updated files to repository with existing files

Hey everyone,


I'm new to github and I have a very simple question I'd like to ask.


So let's say I create a new repository and upload my files to github. If I update my files locally on my pc or do any changes to them, how do I upload the modified/updated files to the already existing repository?


I mean it should be really simple in my opinion, I just can't seem to find the solution for it.



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Re: Upload updated files to repository with existing files

Hey! Sorry for the delay on this. After you create the file and upload them to a repo, you should then clone the repo down to your computer locally. After that, you will make changes to the files in the folder you clones down. there will be a ".git" folder which automatically keeps track of the changes you make locally so they can be committed to GitHub. I suggest you check out the LearningLab for more info: