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Un-delete file from a commit

Hi all, We're finding that new non-dev teammates are running into a persistent snafu using GitHub Desktop -- It's just too easy to delete files unintentionally in a commit.


Can anyone help or better yet point me to documentation (if it exists, it's not easy to find) showing how to navigate this example --? :


A user has made a commit that modifies 10 files and accidentally deletes 3 files. (The deletes were unintentional.) This commit has become part of a branch/PR where significant collaborative work has taken place since, so we don't want them to start from scratch.
All we want to do is *not* delete the 3 files, and reverting the original commit is not the answer.


How do I get a non-dev user to fix the original commit (un-delete), in GitHub Desktop? 
Ideally by doing something other than manually re-adding back the 3 files in a new commit -- because that defeats the point of version control in our view.


Finally, any upvotes for a  GitHub Desktop safe-mod feature for beginners like "Are you sure you want to delete these files from the repo?"