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Re: Tag without release



People are always complaining "Why do I need to install autoconf to build the latest release?? Where's the ./configure script??"


They are incorrectly trying to build directly from source code, because they clicked on this "Release" link that Github created without my authorization, when they should instead be building from the actual release distribution (created via "make dist") that I've carefully prepared and uploaded for them.


Please stop this automatic creation of "releases" without asking, just because I've stuck a tag on something. Or, at least give me a button to turn it off.


Creating a tag and creating a downloadable release package are two completely different actions. Stop conflating them.



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Re: Tag without release

Another me-too!


My "real" release has just slipped onto page two of the releases list because of several recent tagged builds that are not releases. My users can't find the production release any more causing confusion and a higher than desired support load.


I'd be very greatful if a GitHub business manager can increase the priority of this request and report on when it will be addressed.


Many thanks, Peter

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Re: Tag without release

I have the same problem and would also like to see tags not appear on the Releases tab.

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Re: Tag without release

Yet another "me too".


This is about to become a bit of a pain when I start tagging (but not releasing) my code based on CI rebuilds when there are no source changes (at least in that repository).

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Re: Tag without release

Same here. Having a tag automatically makes no semantic and functional sense that would apply to everyone. Can someone from Github please look into this quickly? It has been a problem for a long time.