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Requiring up to date branches in a busy repo

hi all,


We have a repo that (for us) is fairly busy; we can get several dozen PRs a week. We require successful completion of some status checks and, along with those, require that the source branch be up to date with the base branch. The issue we run into is that every time we approve and merge a PR, all of the other outstanding PRs become out of date with the base branch. The person doing the merge then has to choose to update the source branch in order to complete the PR merge.


Question is: what's the best practice here for busy repos? GitHub is doing what we're telling it to do, and it's good to keep the source branches up to date with the base branch. But is there a better way we should be doing this? What do other large repos do that need to handle dozens of PRs? I want to simplify the process for merging PRs but also want to maintain the integrity of the base branch...those seem to be at odds.


thanks for any help!