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Private repository transferring legal rights?

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Let's say I have sole legal rights to my code, and I want to grant a non-exclusive license for someone to use my code, with no written contract. By transferring a repository on GitHub, am I in any way reliquishing my sole licensing rights? The other party would still need the rights to be legally allowed to make the repository public if this is not the case. I didn't see anything in the Terms of Service or help pages referencing this, but I'd like to make sure.

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Re: Private repository transferring legal rights?

Everyone on this forum can give simple legal advice, but (I don't think so at least) no one here is a lawyer. For these legal questions that are kinda complicated, your best bet is to hire a lawyer to sort this out. It seems important to you, and it would be a shame if you would take action on bad advice from someone who wants to pull of a joke on a public forum and tells you it's OK.

- Mark
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Re: Private repository transferring legal rights?

Hi @Avigant,


Thanks for being here! First off I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. The relevant section of our ToS that relates to the default rights that a user grants when uploading code to is Sec. D — particularly here. Otherwise, users are free to choose their own license terms for the content they upload - they can find more info about different licensing options by going to


I hope this helps!



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