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Network Graph Missing

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Hi all, it seems the "Network Graph" section has disappeared from the Insights tab on all repos I can find, does anybody know why it's not there / if I can find it anywhere else? Attempting to navigate to /network redirects me to /network/members. Maybe this is related to some outage, but the GitHub status page shows all green.


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Re: Network Graph Missing

Hey @stephen304,


Thanks for being here! I'm not able to reproduce this on our end...have you tried looking at insights on a different repo?


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Re: Network Graph Missing

Hi @AndreaGriffiths11 , I've checked several repos that I know I have used this on recently, could you link one that works? For example, just redirects to instead of showing the network graph.

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Re: Network Graph Missing

They are deprecating the network graph. You can read it from the changelog on GitHub blog:

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Re: Network Graph Missing

To my mind, "Deprecating the network graph" means adding a  disclaimer on the page that says something like "This feature has been depreciated and may be discontinued in a future release."

Then after running that message for a few months you can go ahead and remove the feature!


That gives those of us who use it time to adjust or look for alternitives over a longer time period rather than quitting cold turkey unexpectedly.

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Re: Network Graph Missing

I had the same experience this morning and messaged the support staff and got this reply.



Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out to GitHub Support!

Sorry for the trouble the removal of the network graph may have caused. We have decided to remove this based on declining usage and deprecated functionality. We are continuing to invest effort across the platform, and are exploring new and exciting ways to present valuable data to you about your repository and its usage.

Matt Barber

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Re: Network Graph Missing

This is really disappointing, I use this feature literally every day (probably every hour) to see what branches have parity, which branches can be fast forwarded without merges, and to make sure branches don't get left behind. I know I can do all of this from the command line, but just looking at the graph gives me a lot of information at once and greatly reduces the mental workload of wrapping your head around the state of a repo. I struggle to understand how it could make sense to remove this.

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Re: Network Graph Missing

I know exactly what you mean, this one feature is the most useful to me and my team of all the visualization data in the Insights tab. Can't see how this was a good idea. I'm checking out GitKraken as it has a useful visualization but that's just another service I need to pay for now if I want to use it on commercial repos. Let me know if you find a decent alternative.

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Re: Network Graph Missing

Technically, GitLab is an alternative - they still have a network visualization built into the web interface. I have been considering transitioning to either the official GitLab instance or a self hosted version, so this is just another reason for me to consider that. There isn't much keeping me on GitHub, and at least with a self hosted GitLab, I know features won't be pulled out from under me without any warning.

If you want to stick with GitHub, it seems like a lot of desktop git apps include a network graph view. SourceTree seems to be a popular option, but it's only available on Windows and Mac. There is also a ticket for the official GitHub desktop app for this feature, though I haven't read through thoroughly to see what the status is:

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Re: Network Graph Missing

I used that feature every day if not once an hour. At least in Minecraft plugin developing it's essential to see if any other fork already made the necessary change to support newer minecraft versions, added functionality I might need or fixed a nasty bug. Now it's impossible to see what is going on on other forks without clicking every fork and click on commits afterwards. Even when doing so, you cannot see where this commit is based regarding date when comparing forks