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Jenkins & GIT Hub Configuration

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Hi All,

I am trying to connect Jenkins with GitHub and getting error as "Failed to connect with repository" in Jenkins.
For this I have followed below steps..

1. Created repository and From Settings-->IntegrationAnd Services have updated "Jenkins Hook url".
2. Tested connectivity and from GitHub and looks fine.

1. Installed Jenkins on Tomcat.
2. When tried to create an item with "Free style project" getting below error in connecting with GIT repo in "Source Code management"
"Failed to connect to repository : Error performing command: git.exe ls-remote -h HEAD"
3.Also have verified network connectivity looks good from system where jenkins is insta to GitHub

Can anyone please help on this.

Please note I didn't installed GitHub on local system. Does it require to install always?


Baharul Islam

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Re: Jenkins & GIT Hub Configuration

Hi @Baharu1,


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Re: Jenkins & GIT Hub Configuration

You mention that you "didn't installed GitHub". I'm assuming that you mean that you didn't install Git? If you didn't install Git, that would probably be the reason why Jenkins is having a problem executing `git.exe` that it mentions in the error message.


I haven't worked with Jenkins before though, so I can't be certain.