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Issues included by "author:somebody" not the same as the ones excluded by "-author:somebody"

Hi - so when I search merged PRs for an author, and then search for merged PRs NOT by an author, the results don't add up to the total number of merged PRs.


is:pr is:merged
Results: 7532
is:pr is:merged author:alalek
Results: 1370
is:pr is:merged -author:alalek
Results: 6141


1370 + 6141 = 7511 != 7532


So in this example there's 21 PRs that are excluded by "-author:alalek", but aren't included when searching for "author:alalek".  Is there any way to figure out what these mystery commits are?  Is there another search term that will give more consistent results?

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Re: Issues included by "author:somebody" not the same as the ones excluded by "-autho

I assume that they were authored by someone who has since deleted their GitHub account. We signify this kind of activity by changing the author of any activity from that account to ghost. But since ghost isn't a valid user, you can't search for things authored by ghost. This would explain the disparity.


I hope that helps!