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Re: Issue only access/permissions

Also needed by us. The best would be, if people who are only having a Issue only Access to Repositorys, don't count as team member. Because in our company, the people with issue only access are often clients from us. The benefit, is they can always see how their project is going

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Re: Issue only access/permissions

This is a much desired feature for us as well in HealthIT in general.


Its a shame that a fantastic tool/company like GitHub doesn't think its important and worse still they don't even provide a decent Watch/Follow the progress on public issues/suggestions. An RSS feed to changelog just doesn't cut it and creates a perception that GitHub is not eating its own dog food i.e. they do not even use their own suggested workaround of creating a "issue only" public repo (where we could see the progress) and let their developers close/triage issues in this public repo through commit & PRs workflow.

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Re: Issue only access/permissions

This would be very very useful for our organisation too.


I'm supprised github doesn't have such a feature.



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Re: Issue only access/permissions



This is an absolutely must-have. Working with different repos just to have access to issues, is a pain in the ass. That's not a workaround. And the argument about read & write access, is not an argument. You can still copy the code, so... Team members should be able to keep an eye on issues without having access to code. 

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Re: Issue only access/permissions



please i want this, I'm sick and tierd of having to learn and use 3th party applicaitons and not be able to refernece stuff in issues/codes. it's always a diffrent application each time, Trello, Jira, Assana, etc


it's always the same on every job i start at. They use github just for code but not for anything else and that makes me sick. All other ticket/issue applications are so much worse IMO. syncing issues to/from github makes my skin crawl.


I'm always advocating that we should *only* use github but the tech leads counter argument is always the same 😞

"they don't want sales person to have code access". i say screw that. i rather want to have that + protected branches. i wouldn't mind if they had access to edit some markdown text either, less job for me... sometimes i wish i used some form of CMS.


but to start somewhere, we should start having some form of exclusive access for marketing, sales and support.


I also think ppl should be able to submit issues without having a github account at all so visitors can report issues (anonymous). and some form of bug report system to closed source.

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Re: Issue only access/permissions

Starting the counter here: 1 year since my initial request.


This became so important for us that we are seriously considered moving to Gitlab (they have guest roles there). Unfortunately their code-review system is just as bad as Github's so we're sticking to Github + Reviewable for now, but the moment Gitlab does somethining similar to Reviewable, we're gone even though I like it a lot less. Not to mention the superior gitlab-ci which we already using. Really the only thing at this point that is holding us on Github is reviewable - a 3rd party app :))