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Is there a suggestion box for Gist?

When doing tutorial videos, I love Gist for pasting code samples on a blog, but every single time with large files I have to tell people in a video click View Raw at the bottom, then Control + A to select All, followed by Control + C to copy, where a Copy to your clipboard button for the Gist makes perfect sense to be there.


The fact I am thinking it needs to be there and not someone before me surprises me, so this is either an existing issue somewhere I need to vote on, or perhaps I need to create the feature request because it would save me 5 or 10 seconds per file, and there can be dozens in a project. 


Thanks for any help in telling me how to suggest this feature, or where to vote.



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Re: Is there a suggestion box for Gist?

Hey! All feature requests should go directly do GitHub support: