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How to delete non-relevant commits

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Question regarding commits that float around after an --amend:


1. Push a commit with a reference to an issue:

git init
git add
git add git commit -m "Fixes a thing. Issue reference: #164"
git push origin my-cool-pr

2. Realizing you forgot something, you --amend:

git add
git commit -a --amend
git push origin my-cool-pr -f


3. It's not your day, you made a spelling mistake in

git add
git commit -a --amend
git push origin my-cool-pr -f


Now visit issue #164. It will have 3 'back-references' to those individual commits. However, only the last one is relevant, since you've been amending. 


How do I delete those commits that are still floating around?

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Re: How to delete non-relevant commits

There isn't a way for you to manually delete those commits. You would have to contact private support at to have them removed.


For this reason, I typically don't recommend adding issue references in commit messages themselves. Rather, I recommend adding the issue references to the PR body when a series of commits addresses or fixes an issue.


I hope that helps!