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Re: Deleting protected branches is hard

Hello @clphillips and everyone else in this thread!

I'm very sorry for the delay, but I wanted to let you know that I've compiled all of this great feedback into a feature request and have sent it off to the product team. I can't say if or when this feature might be implemented, but when it is implemented, it will be announced in the GitHub Changelog.



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Re: Deleting protected branches is hard



We also need to be able to delete protected branches without being a developer for "feature/*" branches for instance that once merged into master cannot be deleted easily.


We have to ask to an admin (me) and this doesn't scale way or we have to change the branch policy, delete the branch, then re-set the branch policy again... this is annoying right ?

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Re: Deleting protected branches is hard

Enabling deleting branches for administrators, overruling it with a checkbox like PR's can, would be a big help

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Re: Deleting protected branches is hard

Any update on this?


I don't see why delete protection must be a default for all branch protections. Can you not just have it as an extra tick box and let us decide whether we need this functionality?


Eg. we might want to use branch protections only to enforce status checks for feature branches that need to be deleted after a PR. Currently, not even GitHub can delete those branches following a merged PR even if the Automatically delete head branches option is selected.