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Conflicts when updating my own branch from different computers

Good afternoon,

I have a problem with git that I can not understand.


I have a branch in which I am the only person working and I update it from two different computers.


Suppose I create the branch from computer A, make changes and upload them to the remote repository by pushing.


The next day, I go to the computer B, I make a fetch to get the branch, I get into it, I work without problems and I push the changes.


Now I go back to computer A, I do a fetch and changes are detected (as expected). If I do a status, it tells me that I have changes. I do a git pull and I get conflicts in the files that I modified the first day from the computer A.


How is possible have conflicts in my own branch when no commit is pending? I am the only person working on it, should not the files be updated cleanly without conflicts?


I have also tried with fetch + merge and the same conflicts happens.


I am doing something wrong? Or is git working wrong?


Thank you.