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Cannot apply suggestion in PR as collaborator with Write access

There is a pull request PR in a repo R by my GitHub organisation O, which is currently under review.


I have granted Write (and Maintain) access to R to an external collaborator. I want them to be able to commit suggestions made in the PR. If they try that, they get an error message:



I have tried the same with my own Account B (which is not a member of O), and get the same error.


Is this a matter of rights on R? I don't like to give external people too many rights, and I would've tought that Write access would be enough (as it grants them push access)...


Many thanks for any hints that help to resolve this issue.



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Re: Cannot apply suggestion in PR as collaborator with Write access

Hi @sdruskat,


Thanks for being here! This looks like it might be related to a bug we're currently working on. If a suggested change is made before the "allow maintainers to edit" setting is enabled, the permissions error is returned. This isn't expected, and is something our team are working to resolve.


I've also escalated your report to our engineering team as a further data point.


I can't make any promises around specific changes or updates, but please trust that your report is in good hands.

My very best,

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