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Re: CODEOWNER Required Reviews

Is there a way to make it so the universal code owner can approve PRs to subdirectories that also have code owners. For example:

* @foo

/docs @bar @baz
Let's say someone does a PR to the `docs/` directory to fix a missing comma. While I like that bar and baz get requested for reviews on the `docs/` directory, it seems like if foo adds themselves as a reviewer and approves the PR then that should satisfy the "1 owner approves" rule.

I realize I can work around this by adding foo as an owner to `docs/` but in a project with many owners it seems a bit inconvenient to not rely on a pattern when an owner can approve PRs to their directory and all subdirectories. Additional owners on subdirectories don't override the ownership of the person higher up in the hierarchy—they just get added in.

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Re: CODEOWNER Required Reviews

I can understand the rationale behind what you're describing. However, that isn't how the feature is currently implemented. But even if the rules were additive as you describe, it wouldn't only notify `@bar` and `@baz`, `@foo` would get notified as well. The workflow you describe appears to indicate that `@foo` wouldn't get notified but would still count as an owner if they review the PR.


For workflows customized to your particular development team, I would recommend investigating Probot or GitHub Actions to see if either of them can help you build a solution to fit your team's needs.