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Assign developers with access to update only one folder in Git Repo

I have a Git repo in which we maintain our Infrastructure code, Lets say Repo1.

Repo1 also has some application specific configuration in Folder1. This configuration is updated by developers. I update the rest of the code. 
Whenever we make any commit to the repo a jenkins job is triggered which updates the environments.

Now, I dont want developers to make changes to any other code except the configuration in Folder1. But at the same time I dont want two repos with 2 Jenkins job. I still want to be able to use only 1 jenkins job with possible 1 git repo which is being triggered by the changes made by either the developers or myself.


So is it possible that I restrict developers to only be able to make changes to Folder1 in the Repo1?

Note - I have read about submodules. But it requires me to create two repos and I will have to manually pull the changes from the submodules regularly to trigger the jenkins job from main repository.