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Re: Adding a folder from one repo to another

Unfortunately, I do not have any ideas @utkucan. I assume that the history before the directory change was carried out is gone because you're using the `--subdirectory-filter` option and specifying the current directory. This means that the old directory is specifically filtered out. From the documentation it doesn't appear that specifying multiple directories is an option.


You may want to experiment with other filter options to see if you can find something that would work the way you want.

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Re: Adding a folder from one repo to another

Thanks @lee-dohm .


I'm using this exact method. But doing the following step in the "source" repo, causes all commit history to be lost/unviewable when I push my "destination" repo branch back up to GitHub:

mkdir foo
mv * foo
git add .
git commit


If I omit that step, I can view all of the commit history in GitHub, in tact.


Is there any way possible to reintroduce the original "foo" directory structure in the "destination" repo, and preserve commit history in GitHub? I know there are a lot of posts about this, indicating that  git log  will show the original history, and I've confirmed that as well. But is there a way to cause GitHub to show it?