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Re: index.html not working

@BhenChod1221 wrote:

@BhenChod1221 wrote:

@ahmedazhar05 wrote:

- Create a file named "_config.yml" with "theme: none" written inside of it (all without quotes) into the home/main directory where your "index.html" file is placed.


Github Pages is searching for a configuration file for theme (if required) which is what probably does not exist in your case. Try this method, it should work.


I have the impression this is a workaround but not a solution. If you access your site via, you want the content of displayed, so people know, what this project is about. If people access your website via, you want the content of index.html displayed. I was under the impression, that the right way to do this, is to exclude from your website by including in your _config.yml:



Now the problems seems to be, that this is not always working as it should.


Had the same error.


Solved by adding language property to html tag:

<html lang="en">


Or maybe because it just created another build?


I just had this exact same problem, but AFTER it was working


It happened because I had to reset the gh-pages branch. So I

  1. git branch -D gh-pages
  2. git push -d origin gh-pages

Then I had a script create an orphan branch gh-pages, populate it, and push it. Before this, everything worked without /index.html, but after, I had to add /index.html. I must have triggered a bug by accident.


The fix was was go into the settings and change the GitHub Pages Source branch to master, then back to gh-pages. This toggle was able to get around the bugged state I found myself in and everything is good again.

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Re: index.html not working

your github project name does not contain at the end. It should be

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Re: index.html not working

Create .htaccess file in your project and add the following code

DirectoryIndex index.php