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Re: gh-pages html not rendering?

I am pretty sure this issue stems from the fact that you're trying to create a GitHub Pages site via an organization repository that does not fit the requirements for one. According to the GitHub Pages documentation:

Head over to GitHub and create a new repository named, where username is your username (or organization name) on GitHub.

^ this means you would have to deploy a GitHub Pages site in a repository named; you might also have to fully enable the site in the repository's settings once it is created.


I hope this helps! If you want to learn more about GitHub Pages and on creating a new site through it, you can visit their documentation.



Gavin R. Isgar - Freelance Software Developer
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Re: gh-pages html not rendering?

I'm using the same process I use for all the other superflycss repositories.  For example this one:


The only difference is that I changed the travis command to publish the html files to deploy instead of target/test/html.  I'm testing serving of optimized CSS files.

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Re: gh-pages html not rendering?

Ahhh, I see. Not sure if that Travis command you used can somehow differ the process used to display a GitHub Pages site. If possible, I recommend trying your old method again and seeing if that fixes the issue and then move on to brainstorming a new method of attempting to achieve what you want right now.


I personally am not sure of the issue occurring myself, so I am just giving you advice on how to test for a problem. Hope it works out good in the end!


Gavin R. Isgar - Freelance Software Developer
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Re: gh-pages html not rendering?

But your hunch made me look at the settings and it had this in it:

 Your site is having problems building: The tag import on line 18 in is not a recognized Liquid tag. For more information, see

{% import "@superflycss/component-site/SiteHead.njk" as SiteHead %}
{{ SiteHead.head( 'SuperflyCSS Component Site' ) }}
Weird that it's complaining about that since it's part of the README and not the site.  Anyways I'm pretty adding to .gitignore should fix it
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Re: gh-pages html not rendering?

This is what I have for travis now (needed to add `- sed -i '1 i' .gitignore` so that it ignores when pushing to github pages:



language: node_js
sudo: false
- "stable"
provider: pages
skip_cleanup: true
github_token: $GITHUB_TOKEN # Set in dashboard
branch: master
- npm i -g @superflycss/cli
- sfc deploy
- sed -i '1 i' .gitignore
- sed -i '/target/d' .gitignore
- sed -i '/deploy/d' .gitignore