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Weird error in custom pages section

I am experiencing a strange problem on my GitHub Pages settings page. The repo is called jensbackbom/


First of all, I am getting the message "The custom domain for your GitHub Pages site is pointed at an outdated IP address. You must update your site's DNS records if you'd like it to be available via your custom domain."


So far so good - my domain is indeed pointing at an IP address (which I assume is outdated, but it still seems to work), but according to the help pages it should instead have a CNAME to, or at least that's what I thought. Problem is, I can't seem to access at all. A clue might be found under the "Custom Domain" headline, where it says:

"Custom domains allow you to serve your site from a domain other than>" - shouldn't it say


The thing is, I don't own the domain name anymore, and the name isn't anywhere to be found in the repo?


What to do? And what CNAME setting should I have for

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Re: Weird error in custom pages section

You are seeing that message because you still have the repository set up with the cname for the .com website. You should probably take the repo jenbackbomse and move it to jenbackbom ... this will set up your custom domain to point to the .se rather than the .com.