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Unable to resolve 404 error on my personal page

Dear All,


I am trying to build my personal page as by forking this popular repository:


I have made the changes in the _config.yml file as suggested here: in my repository


Unfortunately, I am unable to get my site running. Before posting, I did see similar issues and make those suggestions but still, my problem persists. Any inputs to fix the issue would be very valuable.


Thank you

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Re: Unable to resolve 404 error on my personal page

Hey @raoanonymous, the reason you are getting an error 404 is that GitHub Pages (if it is being rendered from your master branches root directly, which it looks to be) is looking for an "index.html" file in the root of the repo consistent with the requirements for a Jekyll built website.


If you are building and deploying the website with an alternate building/deploying software (like Netlify) then you need to add a ".nojekyll" file into the root of the directory.