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Syntax Highlighting for XQuery and XPath



I think Rouge should be updated to support syntax highlighting for XQuery/XPath. Would be super great:


I'm engineering an evolutionary, temporal Open Source NoSQL document store, which is using XQuery for querying, so for my documentation it would be of utmost importance as I also want to release version 1.0.0 very soon :-)


kind regards


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Re: Syntax Highlighting for XQuery and XPath

Hi @JohannesLichtenberger!


Since Rouge, is an open source product, please check out the contributing guidelines to see how you can make additions and feature suggestions.



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Re: Syntax Highlighting for XQuery and XPath

Hey, they have an XQuery Syntax highlighter now, but the version used on Github Pages is too old. I have to say I moved to Netlify because it just uses the Jekyll version I specify in the Gemfile.